Airtight privacy & security
to protect your data

As a Swedish-based SaaS provider, keeping your data safe is our number one priority. We are proudly GDPR compliant and ISO-certified.

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Top sales teams depend on
Prospexs to hit their targets


More outbound leads

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More deals

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More conversions

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Increase in demos

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From Lead to Meeting.
On Autopilot.
Find Leads Most<br /> Likely To Respond
Find Leads Most
Likely To Respond

Prospexs analyzes your past meetings to pinpoint what your warm leads have in common. Then, leveraging our database of over 700 million B2B contacts, it finds digital profiles matching those traits to present new leads.

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Hyper-Personalized & <br /> Automated Emails
Hyper-Personalized &
Automated Emails

Prospexs sifts through your leads' LinkedIn profiles to pick up crucial details like interests and recent activities. It then uses this data to craft hyper-personalized emails to captivate their interest & secure meetings.

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Boost Replies with<br /> Tailored Sequences
Boost Replies with
Tailored Sequences

Streamline your outreach with dynamic sequences, leveraging daily insights from your leads' LinkedIn activity for tailored, engaging emails that prompt responses.

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Send Automatic <br /> Calendar Invitations
Send Automatic
Calendar Invitations

Prospexs intelligently suggests meeting times based on lead responses, then automatically sends calendar invitations tailored to your availability, ensuring seamless scheduling.

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An instant library of all the right decision-makers

Unlock the potential of your customer base by honing in on those who matter most. With over 700M data points you can pinpoint your top customers effectively.

Hear from Our Customers

“I've actually replaced our SDR with Prospexs, it now books all of my meetings.“


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120%More meetings

“New meetings appear in my calendar every single day without having to do a thing.”


Saana A

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400%ROI increase
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer here? Check out our help center.

Prospexs is your AI-powered, fully autonomous Sales Development Representative (SDR)! It’s designed to help entrepreneurs, account executives, and salespeople book meetings with laser-targeted leads. Just press a button, and Prospexs does the rest: it finds the perfect leads and their contact info, crafts personalized emails, sends them out, and even schedules meetings based on everyone's availability. While Prospexs handles the nitty-gritty, you can focus on what you do best – selling!

Prospexs is your ultimate sales sidekick, designed for anyone looking to supercharge their sales game! Whether you’re an entrepreneur hunting for new clients, an account executive eager to close deals, or a salesperson hungry for that sweet commission, Prospexs has your back. Say goodbye to the manual, boring, repetitive labor of booking meetings, and hello to focusing on what you do best—selling! If you’re ready to maximize your sales quota, find new clients, and put your sales team in full motion, Prospexs is your go-to solution.

It’s super easy! Just sign up with your work email, link your LinkedIn profile, and let Prospexs do its magic. It will analyze your company, its value propositions, and your personal profile, creating a dynamic and indepth understanding of what you're selling, to whom, and how to pitch it. In under 5 minutes, you'll be reaching out to hundreds of leads with your first campaign. Now let your calendar fill with meetings!

Prospexs is here to complement your existing SDR team, supercharging their efficiency. Think of it as their AI sidekick, handling the grunt work of finding leads, crafting personalized emails, and scheduling meetings. This frees up your sales team to focus on closing deals and building relationships. For smaller organizations or startups without an SDR team, Prospexs steps in as your full-fledged, always-on, never-takes-a-coffee-break SDR. Whether enhancing your current team or acting as your dedicated SDR, Prospexs ensures you’re always ahead in the sales game!

We get it—hitting sales quotas can be stressful. That’s where Prospexs comes in. By 6X-ing your number of sales meetings, we boost your chances of closing more deals. More outreaches mean more leads, which lead to more meetings and ultimately, more closed deals. More opportunities mean less stress about hitting those numbers. Let Prospexs take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best—closing deals and celebrating success!

We hate templates and one-size-fits-all emails as much as you do. None of your leads are alike in personality, job, experience, or what makes them tick. So why should you use the same content for everyone? Prospexs analyzes your leads' LinkedIn profiles and any content written about them online to craft hyper-personalized emails. It ties in with the challenges their companies face and how your service/product can solve them. Plus, it finds correlations between your LinkedIn profile and the lead’s, making each email genuinely tailored and impactful. Say goodbye to generic emails and hello to real connections!

Prospexs integrates with all major CRM systems as well as all Google and Microsoft tools. This means that it’ll integrate to Salesforce as easy as it’ll integrate into your Google Calendar.

Your data’s safety is our top priority. Prospexs is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring your data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with European privacy laws. We store all data via AWS in secure European data centers. Our robust security measures include encryption and regular audits to keep your information safe.

Prospexs sources its data from licensed information provided by trusted business partners. These partners own established and reputable directories. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology, our partners collect data from public records, publicly available information, and business directories.

Prospexs works like magic when it comes to scheduling meetings! It syncs seamlessly with your online calendar to see when you’re available and when you’re not. When a lead suggests a date and time, Prospexs checks your calendar. If it's a match, it automatically sends a calendar invitation. But if your calendar is booked, don’t worry! Prospexs will suggest a new date and time that works for both parties. It’s like having your own personal scheduling assistant, always keeping you organized and on track!

Our GDPR-compliant AI & ML algorithms dive deep into your leads’ LinkedIn profiles, extracting valuable insights. We analyze everything from their personal profile to work experience, education, interests, hobbies and everything in between. But we don’t stop there! Prospexs also identifies any connections and interests you have in common. Armed with this wealth of information, you can craft hyper-personalized outreach messages that truly resonate with your leads. It’s like having a crystal ball for sales success!

Prospexs is your ultimate contact genie, granting access to over 700 million B2B contacts across EMEA! From the CMO of a Nasdaq-listed company to your friendly neighborhood startup, we’ve got them all covered. With detailed personal profiles and contact details galore, Prospexs ensures you never run out of leads to connect with. So whether you’re aiming for the stars or keeping it local, we’ve got the contacts you need to succeed!
Focus on selling and let Prospexs do the rest

Effortlessly reach your ideal customers and fill your calendar with sales meetings by using Prospexs incredible AI systems.

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